The Name That Carries Weight
The Name That Carries Weight


Loadarm’s systematic approach to design, purchasing (locally and overseas), manufacturing and product assurance increases certainty about quality and performance.

Design Tools

Design analyses contribute to the part configuration and its minimum material properties required for it to operate in the work environment. In-house analyses include;

  • Solid Modelling,
  • Finite Element Analysis,
  • Mechanical Engineering and
  • CAD (computer aided drafting)

Product Assurance

Modelling and testing help ensure parts comply with design criteria and exceed statutory requirements. Tests include:

  • Proof Testing,
  • Load Testing,
  • Fatigue Testing,
  • Material Testing and
  • Non Destructive Testing


Loadarm maintains a well established management and operations system to AS9001, providing a systematic approach to the daily activities across all areas and levels of the organisation, seeking to get “our good better and our better best”.