The Name That Carries Weight
The Name That Carries Weight

Repairs & Modifications

The proper use and safe operation of materials handling equipment, in common with all types of machinery, is affected by ordinary wear, inappropriate maintenance and inappropriate use.

Parts requiring inspection and repairs include

  • Crane Attachments
  • Fork Arms
  • Industrial Truck Attachments
  • Industrial Truck Masts & Carriages
  • Other industrial parts

Inspections establish the condition of the part and include checking

  • Appropriate “Markings” required by standards
  • The forkarm heel for blade reduction
  • The forkarm heel region for fatigue cracks
  • Other part regions for fatigue cracks
  • Parts for straightness and alignment
  • Parts for wear or damage effecting operation

Repairs restore the part so it can operate and include

  • Restoring part “markings” required by standards
  • Removing all fatigue cracks
  • Re-welding the fatigue crack voids where necessary and allowable
  • Replacing damaged or worn supporting parts
  • Straightening and re-aligning the fork arm blade and shank
  • Straightening and re-aligning the attachment or carriage
  • Re-heat treating the part when required

Modifications improve the part so it can operate and better perform the customer’s requirements